Casa Pacifica Renter Information Page

Info about the property, the area and general Costa Rica travel info.

How to keep busy while you are there.

Where to buy groceries, get food delivered, go to restaurants and hire in-house cooks.

Casa Pacifica - Old Renter Info Page


Our main house was built in 2007 (4 bedrooms with a pool) and it is one of the most luxurious rental homes in the area. Our smaller house (2 bedrooms) was completed in 2010 and is built to the same luxury standards. Both are only a few minutes walk (200 yards) to an amazing secluded portion of Samara beach and a 10 min walk to Carrillo Beach. We are right between the towns of Samara and Carrillo (about 2 miles from each) next to The Hideaway Hotel on the access road to the beach. You have the convenience of the stores and restaurants in town with the privacy of a large lot in a quiet, natural area. The houses share the front yard, but have their own private spaces too - making them great independent rentals and also great to rent together for large groups.

Our property is about 2 miles from the Town of Samara Beach (but only 200 yards from Samara Beach, the beach). It is about a 40 min walk to town along the beach.


There are no street names or numbers in Costa Rica, so you have 2 options

1) A physical description of the location of our house (use for Taxis):

En el camino a Carrillo de Samara, la casa amarilla al lado del teléfono torre ICE (on the road from Samara to Carrillo, the yellow house beside the ICE telephone tower)

2) Google assigned address (use for flights when you need to put an address):

VF9W+F4 Sámara, Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica

** GPS and Map apps have Casa Pacifica and our neighbor, The Hideaway Hotel


Property Managers (Samara Rentals) phone #: (O) 2656-0820 or (M) 8880-5611

Main contact is Leo, text or WhatsApp +506 8880 5611

Property Owners (in USA) phone #: (M) 919-270-8104


We prefer the Liberia Airport (LIR) since it is the closest International airport and is very small and easy to get in and out of (it is out in the countryside). Liberia is less than 2 hours by car to our property (all on paved roads with minimal traffic).

The San José Airport (SJO) is the largest International airport and has the most frequent flights to Costa Rica. San Jose is about 4 hours by car to our property (all paved roads, a mix of major highway and smaller roads). It's a fine airport - but we suggest you minimize your stay in San Jose unless you know your way around the city.


Our house is a 2 mile walk to the main town of Samara. If you love to walk (and the area is beautiful), you could book transfers from the airport and get away without a car (use taxis). But if you really want to look around you might want to rent a car from the airport or from Samara. Samara Rentals has a deal with some local car rental companies and can coordinate rental cars or you can rent them online. You can also rent scooters, quads and golf carts in town and we have 6 bikes with the house.

CAR RENTALS FROM THE AIRPORT: The roads from the airport to Samara and our house are in good shape - but if you want to visit other towns please rent 4WD vehicles (most of the rentals here are 4WD vehicles). When renting a car, please note that you are likely to add ~$45 in insurance per day + the airport fee. Expect to pay $80-100 per day in total even though the internet site says $20-40 per day. If you have coverage for higher insurance - bring written proof, but you will still need to pay about $25 per day in minimum local coverage over the rental cost.

AIRPORT TRANSFER + CAR RENTAL: You can get airport transfers for your entire group for ~$125 each way (Contact Outback Tours at or Samara Rentals can also coordinate, and we can help coordinate a National Rent-A-Care rental from their offices in Samara. This makes arrival and departure easier and avoids a $50 airport rental car fee.

SCOOTERS: This is a new service, so we have not tried it out yet, but scooters would be a great way to zip around the Samara area. +506 8389-6565

GOLF CARTS & ELECTRIC BIKES: There are golf cart rental options in Samara. Our only experience renting them was years ago with their old cart which was way too slow, but they have brand new ones - so please make sure that you are getting the more powerful ones that claim to go over 30 kph. EasyWay has both golfcarts and electric bikes.

Option 2: email

WhatsApp +506-7045-9667 or +506-8634-7826

There is a new golf cart rental in town - but our experience with an older one was that they are too slow for the drive from town to our house. We still need to test out if this new option is a good one.



Major rent-a-car companies have offices near both San Jose and Liberia Airport. Minimum age required is 21 years old. If you want to travel to some of the other costal towns or if you are coming during the rainy season, we suggest you rent a 4x4 vehicle. We have rented from several different companies without any major issues, but it's good to know that ALAMO and NATIONAL both have a location right in Samara (car problems are not uncommon, the roads really beat up the cars).


- Book online on a site that does NOT require your credit card (most don't)

- Prefer a 4WD if you will likely need it to drive anywhere off the main road (unless you want a minivan for the seating - you can get by with cars and minivans if you stay on the main roads)

- Most of the rentals are manual, be very specific if you need an automatic

- Extended insurance is often mandatory, and is a good idea down here and it's not cheap. Expect your final rental cost to be double of what you are quoted online to estimate the cost of car+taxes+insurance (we have seen this from pretty much every company)


Please note that it is VERY common to be stopped by police on the highway for speeding. Also note that it is VERY common for them to ask you to pay a fee right there on the spot, this is not the legal way to pay for a ticket (it's a bribe). It's your choice, but the rental car agencies will tell you ASK FOR THE TICKET instead of paying the police directly. Most often they will not give you a ticket at all once they understand you are not going to pay. Try not to speed to/from the airport - you will almost always see a speed trap.


DRIVING TO SAMARA FROM LIBERIA: From Liberia, drive directly to Nicoya and from there take the curve south (right) to Samara (follow the one way signs when driving through Nicoya and then rejoin the main road after downtown Nicoya). As soon as you arrive in Samara (45 mins after Nicoya), take a left on the road to Carrillo - and drive about 2 miles. Just after you pass Villas Playa Samara you will come to a dirt road on your right (look for the mobile phone tower). Our house is the first house on this road on the left hand side. There is a Casa Pacifica sign on the fence.

DRIVING TO SAMARA FROM SAN JOSE: From San Jose follow the Interamericana Highway North, until the you see signs for the Tempisque Bridge - Puente de la Amistad. After crossing the Gulf of Nicoya, drive to directly Nicoya (you will have make one right turn on the way) and from there turn south (left) to Samara. Rent your car near the airport, leave town by early afternoon (it can be as little as 4.5 hours, or as many as 7). As soon as you arrive in Samara (45 mins after Nicoya), take a left on the road to Carrillo - and drive about 2 miles. Just after you pass Villas Playa Samara you will come to a dirt road on your right (look for the mobile phone tower). Our house is the first house on this road on the left hand side. There is a Casa Pacifica sign on the fence.


We have a housekeeping staff that will be around for a few hours on Mon-Fri as well as pool and landscaping employees that will come by occasionally. At night there is a guard from about 7PM to about 5AM the next morning. Our property management company (Samara Rentals) will make arrangements to meet you at their office or provide you some other way to access the house and will be available for you to contact if any issues come up.


In Samara it's perfect for t-shirts, shorts and your bathing suit year round. The house rental includes all linens & towels and soap, shampoo and toilet paper is supplied. There are stores nearby for groceries and liquor. We have many bikes (usually 4-6 are functioning), two kayaks, some boogie boards and you can rent surf boards in Samara. You may want to bring:

- standard shorts/t-shirts/swim suits (it's warm, few dress codes anywhere)

- sandals for the beach, one pair of socks/shoes for hiking, water shoes if you want to safely walk around the vast tidal pools

- cash and credit cards (not all restaurants take credit cards, there are ATMs in town)

- sunscreen & bug spray (you can buy those there too)

- pool toys/floats (we try to keep some, but they have a short life)

NOTES ON THEFT: LEAVE YOUR VALUABLES AT HOME OR LOCK THEM UP. Costa Rica, like any country in Central America, has issues with petty theft. Try to never leave your luggage or passports in your car unless you can watch it. We provide a safe at the house to keep valuables safe.

LAUNDRY: There is a washer and dryer available with the house. Please reuse towels when possible by using the many towel drying 'trees' we have around the house. There is also a laundry service if you want someone to do the work for you: +506 8389-6565. (WhatsApp, Costa Rica 50683896565)

INTERNET: We currently have 2 separate Internet provider connections (1 for each house, 100Mbps down / 10Mbps up) in order to provide you with redundancy given that so many people are working remote from Costa Rica. There is also an afforable co-working space in Samara that allows you to work by the day in their location:


MONEY - Costa Rica has it's own currency, "colones". Although it fluctuates, it is usually about 500 colones to $1 US (SIDE NOTE: today it is closer to 650). Almost all places accept US dollars at a fair rate (some will even list prices in US$). You can convert cash at the airport - note that the booth in the luggage area appears to offer a better rate than the one in the immigration area (so wait until you are in the luggage area). You can also convert in the banks.

BANK MACHINES - There are at least 3 in Samara, they work great for most cards - HOWEVER, sometimes the bank ATMs in town only allow $100 US withdraws at a time (clearly to maximize their fees). So find one that allows you to take our more at a time. The airport ATMs allow you to take at least $400US at one time.

CREDIT CARDS - They are accepted in about 50% of restaurants (actually this is improving) -they often have a service charge to use a credit card, or will they may tell you that their machine is broken. Most other stores accept cards, but a lot of the shopping is with small vendors who will deal with US or Costa Rica cash.

CASH: If you are going to charter a large fishing boat, you might check with them to see if they expect cash payment (it's hard to gather together $1000+ in US cash unless you plan ahead).

TRAVELLER'S CHECKS - You can cash traveller's checks in some banks in Costa Rica, but most businesses will not accept them. You will pay fees to cash them and again to convert them to colones, and you will need to be patient in the bank lines. The bank in Samara is very good (many English speaking tellers).

HEALTHCARE - There is an American doctor that has an office in Samara (at the main corner in town), a smaller but decent hospital in Nicoya (about 40 mins drive) and for serious emergencies they can fly you to San Jose (40 min flight) which has large, fully equipped hospitals. There are pharmacies in Samara. Here is the link for Dr Freddy.


WHAT IF I DON'T SPEAK ANY SPANISH? You will be get by, and it's fun if you have a sense of humor. Buy a phrase book. When needed, the locals will seek out someone nearby that knows some english. Samara has quite a few english speaking locals.

CAN I DRINK THE WATER? - We always do and all the travel forums confirm it is safe almost everywhere in C.R.. We have been down there many, many times and have always drank tap water and have not had any issues (it is town water, clorinated). You can buy bottled water if you still have concerns.

DO I NEED SHOTS? - Ask your doctor and get their advice and go to the World Health Organization site - but most people do not get shots specifically for CR visits. From a general health standpoint, Costa Rica is one of the safest destinations in the developing world. This is largely due to high health standards. Thus, there are no required immunizations when traveling to Costa Rica...However, it is always wise to keep up your basic shots such as tetanus and diphtheria. Malaria is not found in our area (according to the local doctor) but for itineraries that include the Caribbean lowlands or Osa, travelers might wish to take the extra precaution.

SECURITY - Costa Rica has a good record of low violent crime and the Samara area is a familiy town. BUT, theft is a big concern in Costa Rica since many people only make $3-4/hour - so do not leave anything expensive (laptops, passports, iPods, cameras, wallets etc.) in your cars or on the beach or even around the house when you are not there. We offer secure areas to lock up items at the house. Standard safety rules apply, simply avoid walking in remote areas at night. We have a guard at night and the house is secure - you can feel safe there.

WHAT ABOUT BUGS? - There are lots of them just like any area with a lot of nature, but few of them bite. The mosquitoes are common at dawn & dusk in the rainy season, but not much of an issue in the dry season. You can't completely get rid of the ants in the house - so please don't be concerned when they show up to clean up any messes. You may see the occasional scorpion.

WILL I SEE ANIMALS? - Yes. During our trips down there we usually see many birds (pelicans, toucans, parakeets, parots, etc - and recently macaws have returned), crocodiles, iguanas (and many other lizards), frogs and many monkeys. Our property is crawling with lizards, if you are wondering what is walking on the roof and in the gutters. We have also seen dolphins, whales, sea turtles and various night-time mammals (coatamundi, armadillo, anteaters). There is a quaint little zoo about a mile from our house where you can get a close up look at a lot of these and other local animals (including an anteater, bats, wild cats, and my favorite a little bear called the kinkajou). FYI, it is very likely that you will have to stop your car at some point because cows/horses/pigs/chickens/goats are crossing the road.

GROCERIES & LIQUOR - There are several grocery & liquor stores in the town of Samara with a surprising variety of goods - the largest, newest and lowest cost is Pali and a new Super China store that has groceries and is also a small department store. On your way to Samara, you will find larger grocery stores in Nicoya on the main road. There are also 2 small grocery stores about 1/2 mile from our house on the main road one of which has a surprising variety of things you might need.

WILL MY MOBILE PHONE WORK DOWN THERE? - USA and Canadian based phones often work in some areas down there, however check your plan. If you have a GSM phone, you can buy a chip down in CR for your phone and get decent rates. Our house has WiFi - so if you can, use internet voice apps and a connection to the WiFi at the house to make calls - turn on your 'Wifi Calling' on your smartphone to make calls home.

HOW SHOULD I CALL HOME OR WITHIN COSTA RICA? - To call the USA and Canada, turn on your 'Wifi Calling' on your smartphone to make calls home or load any app that lets you make USA/Canada calls (Skype for example). Skype type apps also allow you to call Costa Rica numbers for a decent rate, but do yourself a favor and load WhatsApp.....most of the businesses and people in Costa Rica use WhatsApp to call and message each other.

INTERNET ACCESS - We offer it for free at the house over WiFi. The house Internet is fairly reliable - if you want to get away from the house, there are affordable Internet cafes in Samara (about $3/hour).

TAXIS? - Yes, there are very affordable Taxis in Samara. There is a list of taxi drivers at the house - use them and when they drop you off, coordinate a time for them to pick you up too. In Samara, the taxis all line up on the main road by the beach (painted red) or in front of the grocery stores. Heads up, many of the drivers only speak Spanish. It should be $6 (3,000 col) for a ride to or from the town of Samara.

THINGS TO DO (in and around Samara):

NOTE: to call any of these places from the USA or Canada, dial 011-506 first

when in Costa Rica, use WhatsApp or text messaging to contact them

- Swim in the pool

- Swim in the ocean (a 3 min walk up the road from the house is Samara Beach, a 10 min walk up the paved road is Carrillo Beach).

- Surf the moderate waves in Samara at mid-to-high tide (there are board rentals and surf schools in Samara, several stores in Samara sell boogie-boards). BEST AT MID-HIGH TIDE

- Surf the serious waves of nearby surfing hot-spots: Playa Guiones (Nosara, < 60 mins away) is very well known and worth going (rentals, restaurants). If you are a serious surfer who wants the lesser known (and closer) Camaronal Beach - this is where many locals go (bring your own board and food) . Check with the various surf shops in town.

- Kayak to the deserted island, Isla Chora. You can use the 2 kayaks that come with the house, rent more on the beach near our house (down at the beach, you should see a rack of 4-6 kayaks 1/4 mile walk down the beach with a guy sitting there. Or, take a kayak tour (combination snorkle/kayak tours). BEST AT LOW TIDE

- Snorkle by the island, best during the dry season. Take a snorkle tour with any of the local tour companies. Or, you can buy masks/snorkles in the liquor store in Samara.

- ATV Tours . Ride around the mountains, visit waterfalls & beaches. (you can also just rent by the day, and tour the roads up and down the coast and the various small secluded beaches and towns)

- Great fishing. In shore fishing trips include smaller tuna, mahi, mackerel, rooster or bottom fishing for grouper and snapper. Offshore / deep-sea fishing trips can often include mahi, wahoo, sailfish and marlin. See boating contacts below.

- Take a "dolphin tour" or just a tour along the coast on the boat of your choice. TIP: IF YOU RENT YOUR OWN BOAT, ASK IF THEY WILL DO A DOLPHIN + FISHING TOUR. if some of the folks like fishing have the boat troll while looking for dolphin. See boating contacts below.


SHARED BOAT (1/2 DAY DOLPHIN / SNORKELING TOUR): Samara Adventures (find them on the web or Facebook, Facebook messenger is an easy way to contact them) has a good sized catamaran that holds about 20 people and has a toilet onboard. They have a nice 4 hour tour for about $50/person.

PRIVATE BOAT (1/2 DAY DOLPHIN WATCHING WITH SOME FISHING): If you want a great combination of looking for turtles and dolphins, snorkeling and maybe some fishing (dragging a couple of lines inshore) - Samara Sea Tours has some affordable tours and a boat that can hold a crowd., 8885-3416 Their boats load about 10 mins up the beach from our house.

PRIVATE LARGE DEEP SEA FISHING BOATS (BATHROOMS): If you want a big boat and some of the best fishing, Juan Mora in Garza has two large deep sea boats and can pick you up at our beach (tell him you want one of the big boats and are at Casa Pacifica, at the far end of Samara beach). He is about $1000-1300 for a full day, not much cheaper for a 1/2 day. 8816-2696 or 2682-1446 or email him at There is also the Kingfisher, in Carrillo (short 10 min drive). Look for other options through tour companies in town (new boats come and go often).

PRIVATE MID SIZED FISHING BOAT (WITH SMALL CABIN) - PARKED RIGHT OFF OUR BEACH: Samara Deep Sea fishing. A great mid-sized boat with a small cabin and bathroom and a local english-speaking captain. Good for smaller groups (3-4) to go deep sea fishing or up to 6 people for 1/2 day or dolphin tours.

PRIVATE MID SIZED FISHING BOAT (BOTTOM FISHING EXPERTS): Juan Mora can also pick you up on our beach in a 25 foot center console for about $950/day. Call him at 8816-2696 or 2682-1446 or email him at He is the expert at bottom fishing - especially for very large bottom fish.

SMALL BOATS (PANGAS). The local tour companies can coordinate the small single engine open "Panga" boats for about $75/hour. Ask the closet tour company or flag one down at the beach.

KAYAK FISHING AND SPEARFISHING. Samara Sportfishing 506-8650-2286,,

GUIDED NATURE TRAILS. We have had great reviews mentioning the nature tour offered by Samara Trails. More info can be found here: There is a new option that is more affordable (we have not tried them yet) that sounds pretty good: Na-Tour by Bea, 506-8623-2870,

- BEST PLACE TO FIND Dance classes/ Yoga/ Cooking classes/ Arts & Crafts: Drop into the 'Natural Center', a fantastic center of food, arts and business right in the center of the road along the beach in the Town of Samara.

- Massage: There are many advertise all around town. This one is highly recommended and offers massage on the beach, at the house or in their air conditioned building:

- Massage & Yoga: Mandala is also a good option for both option:

- Spa! Massage! Gym! Physiotherapy! Organic market! The Natural Center Spa in town with yoga, massage, a salon (hair, manicures, pedicures) and more (great for healthy/vegetarian/vegan food)., 2656-2360

- Watch for whales from December to March on any boat tours. They are not aways there, but we have seen them often enough (~10% of our trips).

- Visit the zoo (1 mile towards Carrillo), at both daytime and dusk to see everything

- Walk the tidal pools at LOW TIDE - start at 2 hours BEFORE LOW TIDE. There are some right at the beach close to our house & better ones if you walk up the main road to Carrillo Beach and turn right as soon as you get to the beach (a 15 min walk). You can walk out quite a ways but you can't get all the way around the peninsula, so watch the tide!

- Watch the sun set on the ocean, best seen right on the beach by our house or we can also suggest watching it from Hotel Peace & Lodge in Carrillo (reservation needed for non guests to use the restaurant).

- Bike! We have 6 at the house (try to keep them all working, but please remember to hose them down as they rust fast here). Best bike ride is along the main road down the entire length of Carrillo Beach (really flat, really beautiful and some vendors for snacks on the way).

- The WingNuts Zipline Canopy Tour in Samara or there is also a longer zipline tour in Nosara if you want to make a day trip there (Miss Sky in Nosara - tour companies can take you there or an adventurous ride in a rental car ... and the entire beach area is worth visiting too).

- Horseback Rides (along the beach or up in the hills). Our property managers can coordinate tours.

- Art Classes: A fun unigue art class with a contemporary artist for adults and kids. Contact Gabriel Riggioni at, or call him in CR at 5014-9967. Check out his art style at:

Also, there is an Art + Wine event on most Thusdays at Restaurante Princesa - contact Coco at 506-7151-6960 (call or WhatsApp)

- Visit the crocodiles under the first bridge on the road to Carrillo (yes, right near the beach.......but a couple miles away from our house). They are fed by locals, but as always you need to be careful (no small dogs anywhere near them, seriously).

- Visit Carrillo beach (only a 10 min walk up the road), it's strikingly beautiful too.

- Watch sea turtles lay their eggs on the beach (Carrillo Tours). ONE OF OUR TOP CHOICES, don't miss this if the tours are running while you are there - it can be incredible. Our property managers can coordinate tours.

- VISIT NOSARA: If you have an SUV and like the feel of off roading, take a day trip to drive north to Nosara which is less than a 1 hour drive (visit the town of Nosara, and make sure to visit both Guiones and Playa Pelada beaches - they are right beside each other, just keep walking). VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: There is a river you need to drive through on the low road so either watch others cross, or you may want to take the high road (head up the road toward Nicoya & turn left at the hardware store then follow the signs or Google Maps - remember to take the same way back, signs will point to the river route - you want to ignore the last Samara sign and follow the Nicoya sign). Visit Playa Guiones to see serious surfing on the big waves and right next door visit Playa Pelada for the tidal pools, the river mouth & DO NOT MISS Lagarta Lodge (way up on a hill with an incredible view) to eat or just for a drink- this has to be one of the best sunset spots in the world. (see ATV tour below - this is in the same area)

- Fly in an ultralight aircraft, they have fixed wing and some very new and cool gyrocopters (mini-helicopters) 2656-8048

THINGS TO DO (other places worth the trip):

Take a day trip (our property managers can coordinate many tours, you will see many posted all over town) or extend your vacation to other locations that are not too far away, check out:

The Arenal Volcano (La Fortuna) - Costa Rica's most famous live volcano. 4 hours from Samara, it can be a full day trip with a tour company and it is also worth a couple extra nights in Costa Rica. Good family hotels: Arenal Observatory Lodge (cabins), Silencio Del Campo (cabins), Arenal Springs (connecting rooms), Lost Iguana, Arenal Volcano Lodge, and one of our favorites: Los Lagos (hot springs, water slides). An affordable option that had some good reviews is the Hotel Vista Del Cerro.

Poas - a decent volcano not far from San Jose. If you are stuck in San Jose for a day, they offer 1/2 day and full day trips.

Rincon de la Vieja - A lesser known volcano not far from Liberia. Good for avvid hikers, adventure seekers, those that want to be different, away from the crowd (it's a very long hike to the crater)

La Paz Waterfall Gardens - Also not far from San Jose, they are expensive, but said to be really worth the visit.

The Monteverde Cloud Forests. 4 hours away, full day tour.

Whitewater rafting (these spots are far away- plan a couple nights extra):



- Pali is the largest and cheapest grocery, the best place for selection and price. It's big enough for most of your needs. Super China is also one block up the road and also has almost as much of a selection of groceries.

- Super Samara is on the beach road in Samara, and has more export items such as sauces, canned goods and cereals you might be looking for but can't find in the main grocery stores.

- there is a butcher in the small strip of shops facing the soccer field in Samara (and most of the grocery stores only stock up bacon, ham & cheap sausage), Pali also has a butcher counter

- if you want fresh fish, and want an adventure - follow the road from our house up to the beach and as it curves to the left. The first house you come to on your left is where locals buy their fish. If you speak Spanish or can work around it - this is the place to buy local fish (tuna, mahi, wahoo, snapper, shrimp). Sometimes you can buy them directly from fisherman as they unload on the beach.

- THE BAKERY: buy your bread, pasteries and deserts at one of the bakeries in Samara. One of the best, ROOTS BAKERY, is straight ahead of you when you come into town on the road from our house. It is great for breakfast and savory pasteries for quick lunches too.

ORGANIC / FARMERS MARKET - DON'T MISS THIS: There is now a market in Samara on Saturday mornings that is impressive. The entrance is right where the Marisqueria Colochos restaurant is located (pretty much hidden) ... it has produce, local art, coffee, local dishes, etc.

- there are many fruit & vegetable stands around town that often are better than buying in the grocery stores


Senor Pit’s Catering (BBQ, traditional/Tico, even breakfast)

Facebook Messenger:

Deyvison Lopez 8543-1320

Daniella Bravo (wide variety)

Personal Chef / Cooking Classes / Prepared Meal Delivery

~$22-$28 per person, in house chef

WhatsApp: Costa Rica 61425097

Facebook Messenger:

Jam Private Chef (wide variety)

Personal Chef $30/hour + the cost of groceries (length of time varies based on the meal)

WhatsApp: Costa Rica 6142-5097

Facebook Messenger

Chez Rose & Lio, French Food & Pastries

Personal Chef / Cooking Classes / Prepared Meal Delivery

*check out their lunch restaurant, Chez Rose & Lio, in the Nature Center

Facebook Messenger

WhatsApp: Costa Rica 62305054

NOTE: they do not speak English

VANNI Chef at home.

Fédoua, Moroccan food.

Personal Chef / They also sell food at Feria Samara (Saturday’s farmers market)

Phone (+506) 6279-3705

Facebook Messenger:

WhatsApp: Costa Rica 6279-3705

El Colibri 506-2656-0656,


- BEST ALL AROUND (DINNER): El Lagarto Bar & Restaurant has the best food in town (steak and seafood on a big open BBQ pit). It is one of the most costly ($15-30) but worth it. They recently moved off the beach, so they are a bit hard to find, use your maps app. Take the road heading north out of town past the Catholic Church, and take a left on the street after the Super China store. It on your left before you get to the beach.

- BEST BEACHSIDE PLACE #1, ITALIAN: Gusto Beach (very close to the others listed above). The beachside ambiance is fantastic. They have a volleyball court on the beach as well! They often have great nighttime entertainment (check out their postings). If you like raw tuna - check out their appetizers!

- BEST BEACHSIDE PLACE #2: La Dolce Vida. Great tables extending far into the beach under a huge tree. Wide variety menu.

- BEST BEACH PLACE TO CRASH FOR THE DAY (BEACH LOUNGES): Locanda (in Samara, between two places renting surfboards/kayaks/boogieboards) is a good restaurant with a lot of variety and a great chairs and shade trees right on the beach (and if you have kids, they can play on the beach or surf while you wait for your food). We often sit ourselves here and before you know it most of the day has gone by. It also has large tables to seat 10+ people.

- NEW FAVORITE WITH LOCALS: Rosa! Higher end food - with decent prices considering how good it is. Its not on the beach, but the reviews of the food from everyone we talked to are very strong.

- CLOSEST TO THE HOUSE: Right next door is the restaurant at The Hideaway, we have had great reviews from recent guests. There is a menu at our house you can look over.

- BEST ITALIAN & BREAKFAST (ALSO CLOSE TO THE HOUSE): Across the paved road right by our house is a large gated property, Montelaguna - inside is a fantastic small Italian restaurant poolside at their hotel. Just walk to the paved road outside of our house, turn right and about 200 feet up go through their main front gate (on your left) and ask the guard to point out the restaurant. Call ahead if you need seating for 6 or more or for reservations (2656-1150 on the local phone).

MEXICAN & CHINESE. There is a newer restaurant across from the Super New China store called Anglers. The prices and the reviews are great.

MOST AFFORDABLE BEACHSIDE OPTION - Sheriff's. When you want to be on the beach (during the day) and don't want to pay extra for it. Impressive Tico (local) dishes and nachos.

- SUSHI: On the main road along the beach (above Super Samara) is Samara Sushi. It does not look like much from the road but it is a great restaurant up there. They also just opened a Sushi bar at Las Olas Beach Bar (or next to it?) which would be the only beach side sushi option.

VEGETARIAN: There are many vegetarian options in town, but they keep changing. Check in with people in the Natural Center - there are some small restaurants there and they will recommend many others. Pico Feliz Vegan Ice Cream and Vegan Food is a great fast food option (and their rice based ice cream is great!).

- BEST 'TYPICAL', AND BEST VALUE: Soda La Perla in the furthest end of the beach from our house. You will need to find it (use maps) but it is worth it. It's in a rustic and very typical village and you get the full feeling of Costa Rica. The food is great and prices are cheap.

- ANOTHER GREAT 'TYPICAL': Marisqueria Colochos. Another one you need to search for as its in the middle of the town at the end of a road. I am told it's one of the best for experiencing the most local foods.

- MORE GOOD TYPICAL, SAMARA: Casa Esmeralda in Samara is the favorite for most of the locals. If you are heading from the house into Samara, take the first left and Casa Esmeralda is right there.

- ARGENTIAN STEAKHOUSE - A TOP GUEST PICK: El Colibri in Carrillo - An Argentinian restaurant that (sometimes) can give you FREE TRANSPORT (for 4 or more people) from the house which is valuable. They have a great brick BBQ and we suggest the shish kabobs. Colibri's phone number is 2656-0656. Not open Mondays

- BEST MEXICAN: Coco's (Samara) is a great all around restaurant and bar. Very popular.

- BEST ITALIAN: And many say one of the best overall in Samara, MamaGui.

- SPORTS BAR: Limey's is the place to watch sports and also has a lot of live music. It is very popular, right on the main road to the beach in town.

- BEACH BAR: Las Olas. Mostly a bar by the beach (and by the beachside soccer field) with lively music and bar food. Not fancy, but the most lively place to hang out, play pool, sometimes listen to live music.

- POOL BAR AND LIVE MUSIC. Tuki Tuki is on the far side of Samara (away from the beach). A small lodge bar by their pool with live music. Find them on Facebook to see who is playing and when.

- CHINESE/ASIAN - DELIVERY AND PICKUP ONLY. Samara Wok is new in 2021 so we have not tried it - but the reviews are good. To oder use WhatsApp +506-7274-5135. Thier menu can be found on Facebook at THIS LINK

- PIZZA DELIVERY: Pizzeria Parasiso on the main drag in Samara, 2656-1178. El Manglar also has good pizza, but the restaurant itself is nothing special and does not open until about 6. This is a great place to order pizza delivered to the house. They just introduced roasted chicken too. A" Mozzarella and Restaurante Mana are 2 newer pizza places that deliver. Lots of options.

- PIZZA, ITALLIAN AND COSTA RICAN WITH FREE DELIVERY: Mana Restaurant. If you want to eat at the house and everyone wants something different, Mana has a large menu, free delivery and they use biodegradable packaging. Phone 8975-8000 or WhatsApp: Costa Rica 8975-8000. Their menu can be found in the pictures of their Facebook page here.

- FAST FOOD AND TICO FOOD DELIVERY (LATE NIGHT TOO): Soda Los Almendros Expréss. Phone numbers 62793451 63104082 62793451 Menu and WhatsApp link:

- PIZZA & FAST FOOD DELIVERY: Hula Jungla in Carrillo can deliver pizza, nachos, hamburgers, sausage & chicken to the house. They are on the main road as you enter Carrillo. Their # is 2656-1118

- STREET MEAT: There are a couple guys that cook up meat on a stick and fried chicken on the main drag down by the beach in Samara (during weekends and busy evenings). One of them cook over a BBQ made from an old tire rim (an old tradition?). Seriously, try it!

- COPOZ: You will often see a Copoz (shaved ice) vendor during the day near the beach - get one! These are shaved ice treats with powdered milk, fruit flavoring & various other sweet options. You can't leave Costa Rica without trying this.

There are others too - constantly changing, try them and give us feedback!


- TIPS are usually included, 10%. So they will be really happy if you leave more - but ask them or check your bill before you tip twice by mistake

- Ask for a natural fruit drink, served in many restaurants. These are called ("refrescos", "frescos", "naturales", or "batidos"). They are made with either water or milk and come in an endless variety (whatever they have fresh that day): canteloupe, strawberry, tamarind, mango, papaya, lemon, blackberry (mora), guanabana, mixed/mixo, horchata, and a local favorite, cas.

- Usually the lowest cost option at more restaurants, and what to order if you can't read the menu, is the "Casados" or "Tipico" (typical). A casado is basically a one-plate meal, that at least includes black beans, rice, salad + a meat and one or more side dishes. You can usually order a casado with steak, chicken, pork, etc. This is the Costa Rican version of a "meat & potatoes"

- Another really common side is Gallo Pinto ("spotted rooster", although the name has no relation to the ingredients). It is mainly a combination of black beans and white rice and it is spiced with cilantro, onions, garlic, salt and a local condiment called Salsa Lizano. It is typically eaten at breakfast with eggs, meat, and/or natilla (sour cream).

- If you like fish, ceviche here is amazing, order some as an appetizer.


- The more casual nightlife is with the restaurants on the beach (take the road in Samara to the beach, walk out on the beach and turn left). Gusto Beach is a good place to start - it's a great nightime spot out on the beach. Limeys often has live music at night too.

- The more popular places change so often I don't even know what to post. Ask around - lately a lot of live music has been popping up in many of the bars and restaurants at any day of the week.


TOWELS: We provide bathroom and beach towels. In the interest of conservation, we will provide 2 beach and bathroom towels for each person for your stay (if you are staying over a week we will change them). Please leave any towels you wish to reuse hanging to save energy & water. We have provided 'towel trees' for this purpose around the house.

WASHER/DRYER: A full size washer and dryer are available for use in the main house only but not for the small house. There are affordable laundry service options in town - or the housekeeper might do a couple of loads for you for tips.

ELECTRICITY IS VERY EXPENSIVE: So please only use A/C at night and with the doors to the bedrooms closed (each room has it's own). The staff is instructed to turn off the A/C units when nobody is using the rooms. There are sensors in the rooms put there to turn off the A/C system when nobody is in the room for 1+ hours (but they don't always kick in).

TOILET PAPER really shortens the life of the septic systems, so there are garbage bins beside the toilets that are there for your TP, please use them and do not flush paper.

INLINE WATER HEATERS are available for every bathroom, so enjoy the nice constant stream of hot water once they kick in. We are not using the powered shower heads that make many tourists nervous.

AN OUTDOOR SHOWER is out back beside the pool for the main house, and another is out back of the garage for the small house.

POOL: NO DIVING! There is a an on/off switch for the pool lights outside the ocean-side master bedroom door - it's hidden in the vines. The waterfall is on a timer. Note that the pool is only for the renters of the main house (unless you are renting both houses of course).

SAFES: We do have safes in the houses for tickets, passports and cash PLEASE USE THEM! We can't take responsibility for stolen or lost items.